Owner/Founder of ALP

Scott Shumate


Scott Shumate founded the Adventure Learning Program (ALP) after personally experiencing the positive and life-changing effects of adventure-based activities. As a young man with an intensely curious spirit for exploration, Scott spent many years following his passions of rock climbing and mountaineering to remote parts of the world. 

What stayed with him through his life, however, was not the beautiful vistas or the traveling, it was the incredible sense of self-esteem and confidence that he forged through these adventures. The experiences that Scott encountered on his life’s journey were so significant to him that he has committed his life to bringing these same types of life-changing opportunities to the adolescents and at-risk youth population in the Houston area. 

Scott brings over two decades of experience in creating and leading adventure and wilderness activities geared towards the development and growth of self-esteem. 


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