Our Story

The Adventure Learning Program grew out of a partnership between Scott Shumate and Cornerstone Recovery (2000-2016), a Houston area non-profit that worked with teens and families in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Scott was first introduced to Cornerstone Recovery through their three-week summer backpacking trip where he served as a wilderness guide and . After many summers of positively impacting the teens of Cornerstone Recovery, they asked him to move to Houston, Texas with the intention of developing an outdoor adventure program.

This request was made based on the positive impact the yearly trip had on the teens and Scott accepted their proposal because he saw the importance of expanding the benefits of adventure based learning and experiential education to all of Houston’s recovering communities. Thus, the Adventure Learning Program was born.

Since 2010, Scott has tirelessly built the foundation for effective programs geared towards building self-esteem and has facilitated positive life changes to hundreds of teens and families. Through his partnership with Cornerstone Recovery, he has developed physical and adventure-based activities that have become the key to the Adventure Learning Program’s success: the various weekly activities and the wilderness adventure trips. 

The Adventure Learning Program became its own entity in 2017, after Cornerstone Recovery made the decision to shut their doors and pass the torch to its long-time counselors to service the Houston area’s need for substance abuse counseling.

Since 2017, the Adventure Learning Program has become widely recognized in the Houston adolescent recovery community as the physical-fitness program that addresses low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and destructive behaviors through adventure based learning.

The Adventure Learning Program has gone on to influence and change the Alternative Peer Group model of recovery in a city that has gained a national reputation for its unique approach to the adolescent drug crisis.

In the recovery/mental health field, Houston, Texas is known for its numerous inpatient, outpatient, and outreach groups that provide adolescents with a strong support system. Houston is home to a wide community of influential leaders and mental health professionals who are at the forefront of adolescent mental health support.

These professionals have not only developed two sober schools and several influential college and university sober groups but they have paved the path way for the Alternative Peer Group Model. The Adventure Learning Program is beyond humbled to be among these organizations, contributing to the efforts to provide a solution to the growing epidemic of low-esteem, substance abuse, and other mental health disorders.